I wrote this poem as a reflection on Romans 8:18-22. My imagination has always been drawn in by the language Scripture uses to describe nature’s relationship to God. Sometimes creation sings, sometimes it exults, but in this case, creation groans: 

All Things New 

The warm, still air, gently lulls my senses

As I amble beneath the pale blue sky.

The cattle roam the hills, free of fences

And a distant low sounds like a gentle sigh.

A balmy breeze makes its way through the grass,

The tall green blades murmur as they wake.

Discontent, they await this age to pass;

They groan at their fate and curse the damned snake.

I’m caught in their eager expectation.

I listen and become strangely aware,

It’s to me they whisper adulation

And to heaven that they lift their prayer

“Reveal the glory of the sons of man

Make all things new, according to your plan.”

This, by the way, is my first published poem. It was published in Modern Reformation Magazine Volume 32, Issue 3 and can be accessed online here: https://modernreformation.org/resource-library/articles/all-things-new/

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