I enjoy writing poetry because it offers a way for me to connect my head and my heart. When it comes to my faith, and much of life for that matter, I tend to engage primarily with my head, the logical, left brain part of myself. This poem is an attempt to integrate my whole self — the abstract and the concrete, logic and emotion, reason and creativity — as I contemplate the Incarnation. This poem was first published by Ekstasis.

A Theologian’s Dilemma

How do you empty a light of its light? 
How does the clockmaker enter the caliber? 
How does the immeasurable become finite?  
How does the author become a character? 
Why would the morning surrender to night?
Why would a great king become a pauper?
Why would the all-seeing limit his sight?
Why would he thirst, who is living water?

I set my mind to comprehend these things, 
to wrap them up in a tidy package, 
propositions placed in concentric rings—
but how reality outstrips language.
Questions come crashing as waves on the shore, 
but better than knowing, is to adore.

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2 Responses

  1. Hello Andrew, I LOVE your poem and would really love to include it in our project,
    The Soil and The Seed Project! I would love the churches who receive our materials to get to read your poem! Might you consider our including it? We do compensate artists and poets!

  2. Hello Harrigan, thanks for your kind words about the poem. I would love to hear more about The Soil and The Seed Project! I’ll send you an email through the contact page on your website. Looking forward to chatting and learning more about the Project!

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